The Cannabis Salem web site is being established to help folks interested in finding out about Medical Cannabis (Marijuana) in Oregon and the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP).

There are thousands of resources available that can help those considering or just getting started with a Medical Cannabis program. Sorting through these resources can be confusing and very intimidating.

This web site is focused on providing information for those that are looking for the maximum medical benefits with limited psychoactive effects. Most “healing” with the least “high”.

You will soon discover that there are many ways to obtain medical cannabis in Oregon and there are hundreds of varieties of to choose from, many forms for each strain plus several ways to medicate.

As a matter of practice, it is always best to refer to the source of information, so most of the time detailed information on this web site will be limited to specific sources. That way the visitor can be sure they are reading the most accurate and current information.